Miami International Centre

Miami, Florida

After serving over 50 years as the manufacturing facility and corporate headquarters for Bertram Yachts, this marina and industrial facility provided unique potential for a covered land play. Proximate to the Miami Intermodal Center, this 20 acre urban infill site was prime for new entitlements. Working with the local municipality, a zoning overlay district was created to permit over 3.5 million square feet of mixed use development to be constructed on this parcel. The project is poised to meet the challenges facing a broad scope of users, including major corporations, retail, medical, hospitality and residential. The ability to connect from the site to Miami International Airport and all major modes of mass transit made it highly desirable to both users and other developers. After entitlement completion, the site was sold for nearly twice the acquisition cost. Redevelopment in conjunction with a European pension fund, provided the deep financial strength required to execute.